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Enhance your knowledge and skills across Supply Chain, Category Management, Ecommerce and Account Management. Our workshops will help you improve the way you work and unlock long-term commercial benefits for organisations and individuals.


Successful Category Management

January, April | Virtual

Workshop ideal for those that are new to category management.

Successful Category Management

March | In-person

Workshop ideal for those that are new to category management.

Advanced Category Management Techniques

December, February | Virtual

Understand the changing roles and responsibilities of account managers and buyers.

Category Leadership

March | Virtual

Workshop ideal for experienced category managers.


Successful Account Management

January | Virtual

Learn to build and manage successful customer relationships.

Successful Account Management

February | In-person

Learn to build and manage successful customer relationships.

Win-win Negotiation

April | Virtual

Workshop to help sharpen your negotiation skills during these unprecedented times.

Successful Revenue Growth Management

February | Virtual

The workshop will explore how to drive profit and revenue growth whilst remaining relevant to your customers and consumers.

Successful Shopper Activation

December | Virtual

How can you better align your shopper activation with what shoppers want now and in the future? Our virtual workshop will give you the insight and tools you need to ensure your shopper activation is successful.


Successful Supply Chain Management

Date to be announced soon

Workshop to help you navigate through supply chain management.

Successful Ecommerce Management

March | Virtual

Be guided through the process of optimising the online shopping experience.

Data to Insight

February | Virtual

Learn the ideal process of converting reams of data into meaningful insights.

Solutions from IGD

Creating personalised solutions that address critical customer and commercial challenges

Learning resources

Free online video, infographics and tools