How supporting your team’s wellbeing increases performance

Date : 16 March 2021

A high performing team has wellbeing at the heart. Learn how to support the business, whilst managing the wellbeing of your team using practical tools that underpin your leadership journey.

In this webinar recording you will find out how to:

  • Set clear expectations
  • Hold people to account around those expectations and recognise successes
  • Show care for your team by regularly checking in
  • Be ‘OK’ with emotion.

Ideal for managers, whether you are new, aspiring, or already have line management responsibility and are looking for a fresh perspective.

Feedback on the session from some of our listeners:

"Fresh take on a tricky subject"

"Provided a different way of thinking about things and a good basis for a coaching or personal development conversation which is great"

Video 1: Full recording



Lou Banks