Building Digital Capability

From our conversations with senior leaders across the food and grocery industry, we have developed a framework for digital capability development and explored what it means for leadership, culture, talent and data. Read our report to identify what digital capability means for your organisation

We define developing digital capability as doing everything it takes to develop an organisation and workforce able to:

  • Maximise the potential of data and technology to address business challenges
  • Respond quickly to continual shifts in consumer behaviour in a fast-changing connected world

The framework identifies four stages of digital capability development:

Not a priority for the business and no significant plans to develop capability

Understand capability development is important, but unclear how to develop it

Understand development needs and have invested in significant digital capability development

Have a digitally capable workforce, focussed on continuous improvement and learning

The most advanced companies we have talked to focus on the following areas:

Champion the exciting potential of technology from the very top of the organisation

Empower people to be creative, test and learn and challenge existing ways of working

Cultivate diversity and a lifelong learning mindset, recognising many will resist change

Treasure and protect your data; along with your people, this will be your most valuable asset

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