Learning from IGD
We deliver inspiring life-long learning experiences for our industry colleagues. 
Our life-long learning approach inspires and supports our industry colleagues throughout their careers, building knowledge and developing capability. We support businesses and people to thrive and help make the food and consumer goods industry more productive.

Free learning

We offer free learning programmes to give everyone in our industry the same opportunity to build a great skills foundation.

New Starter skills course

An all-round introduction to the industry combining industry knowledge and personal skills.

New Manager Skills course - part 1

An introduction to the tools and insight needed to start your journey as a people manager.

New Manager Skills course - part 2

The next step for people managers to build your leadership skills.

Inclusion and Diversity Reverse Mentoring

A cross-company programme allowing a safe, collaborative space for open conversations.

Supply chain mentoring

A cross-company development opportunity for supply chain professionals.

Paid-for learning

Offering paid-for learning programmes and experiential workshops across various technical and functional areas. Our workshops will help you improve the way you work and unlock long-term commercial benefit for organisations and individuals.

Successful Category Management

Virtual and

Workshop ideal for those that are new to category management.

Successful Account Management

Virtual and

Learn to build and manage successful customer relationships.

Data to Insight

Learn the ideal process of converting reams of data into meaningful insights.

NEW Mastering Retailer Relationships

June, September | Virtual

Gain a better understanding of your retailer to build a collaborative relationship and open the door to new opportunities.

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