Virtual Work Experience
Virtual work experience

IGD’s virtual work experience programme provides insight into the diverse range of opportunities our industry has to offer and helps participants develop the skills they need through live interactive workshops and hands-on projects.

The food and grocery industry is growing, with jobs to suit everyone. Our fast-paced and diverse industry has opportunities for all qualification levels, including in-demand STEM skills within Science, Technology, Engineering, and Analytics.

Join our virtual work experience week to gain skills and experience to add to your CV and expand your network by interacting with industry professionals.

Throughout the week you'll have the opportunity to:

Listen - Gain insights from leaders of big brand and retailers

Engage - Ask questions and find out how to get ahead in your career

Create - Take part in projects and pitch your ideas to senior leaders.

How does the programme work?

IGD’s work experience takes place over the course of a week. It is comprised of:

  1. Daily live masterclasses that take place Monday to Friday, 10.30am to 12 midday
  2. Optional project tasks that are completed during the week

Everyone joins the Monday and Friday morning sessions. You can then choose a masterclass that interests you on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. You can also attend all five masterclasses if you want to!

There are 3 mini projects to choose from, which revolve around designing a brand, flavour and packaging for a new snack. Projects are optional and we do not expect you to have any previous knowledge or experience. But we would encourage everyone to do a project! It is a great opportunity to develop your skills and gain feedback.


Digital safeguarding:

  • The week is held on Zoom and your camera / mic will remain switched off
  • You can submit questions for our professional’s but only our facilitator can see these
  • Projects are completed on an individual basis.

When is the work experience week and who can take part?

Our Work Experience Week is taking part the week of 10-14 July 2023.

Can secondary schools and colleges take part?

Yes. Our weeks are open to students in Year 10, Year 11, Sixth-form or Further Education. Teachers and Careers Leaders must register on behalf of any groups of students who wish to take part during term-time. We do not have any caps on student numbers so you can register for whole year groups or curriculum areas.

If you are unsure about how to register, please email us at [email protected]

How does it work?

For everyone

Monday: Industry Insight Masterclass

Hear from senior leaders about future trends and opportunities in this exciting fast-paced industry. Choose a project brief to gain hands on experience of real industry challenges and get advice on how to deliver a winning pitch!

Choose any

Tuesday: Sales & Marketing

Wednesday: Food Science

Thursday: : Engineering

Q&A with industry professionals to learn about their jobs, career journeys and the skills they use at work. Get the insights you need to create a winning project.

For everyone

Friday: Employability Skills Masterclass

Ask employers your questions about virtual applications. Take part in an interview skills masterclass and reflect on your skills and talent.

“If you’re given the opportunity to participate in this virtual work experience, I seriously recommend it. It’s been extremely helpful for me and I am thankful to everyone involved and the guest speakers for really helping me feel confident about my future.
Chloe, February week participant