Food surplus redistribution
Food surplus redistribution from IGD

We urgently need to deliver more food into the redistribution network for those who need it. There is a strong social, environmental and business case to drive change.

Use our tools and resources, which have been created in collaboration with industry and partners from the redistribution sector, to help you embed and accelerate food surplus redistribution in your business. We can achieve this by working together.

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What is food surplus redistribution?

Learn more about food surplus redistribution and why it is so important

Leading change and driving positive impact

Find out how you can lead food surplus redistribution within your business

How to redistribute your surplus food

Learn the actions you need to take to redistribute your surplus food

Finding a redistribution partner

Discover who the redistribution organisations are and how they can help your business

Case studies: innovative solutions

Insights from redistributors

How can redistribution organisations help unlock surplus?

See how redistribution organisations can find solutions to reduce waste and unlock surplus

How can surplus food help people?

Learn more about how people can benefit from surplus food

How does surplus food help build stronger communities?

This video shows how surplus food helps community groups to provide vital services

What are the benefits of food surplus redistribution?

Learn more about the wide range of benefits from food surplus redistribution

What is digital redistribution?

This video helps to demonstrate how digital redistribution works

Managing risks in food surplus redistribution

This video demonstrates how concerns around food safety and brand integrity are well managed within food surplus redistribution