Five questions to unlock better prioritisation in an always urgent culture

Date : 10 June 2022

Are you a line manager seeking fresh ideas for how to prioritise your and your team’s workload? Watch our free webinar recording to discover five simple questions that will transform how you think about your and your team’s time, raise performance and feel less pressured.

93% of attendees to the live webinar said they now felt inspired to do something differently.

In this webinar recording, Productivity Ninja and award-winning author Grace Marshall will guide you through:

  • Why fast isn’t always better
  • Understanding why we often get mixed up between urgent and important and why it’s vital to know the difference to help you prioritise more effectively
  • Helping you reimagine how to approach prioritisation by using five key questions
  • How to start a conversation with your team to positively shift the culture

View time 44 mins


Grace Marshall, Think Productive

Grace Marshall
Think Productive