How to create great impressions

Date : 18 October 2021

This interactive webinar will help you reflect on and consider how to create a great first impression. You will improve your self-awareness and come away with simple tips that will make a difference straight away. Ideal if you are looking to establish or grow your impact, especially if you are new in role.

This is a highly interactive session, well-suited to watching back in your own time. We recommend you download the accompanying workbook so you can complete the reflective activities at the same time.

Watch the full recording below to work through:

  • The importance of making a good impression, the facts
  • What makes great first and last impressions on people?
  • Your tactics and reactions to impress and how well these are working for you
  • Tips and tools for meetings, emails, calls, and interviews that leave positive memories

Download the worksheet


View time 51 mins