New Starter Skills Course


At a glance

This online course combines industry knowledge and personal skills to help you get the best start to your career in the food and consumer goods industry.

8 hours

Start date: 2 Oct

Format: Online,
with virtual events

Cost: Free    

Certificate awarded

What you will learn

The experience

Over 8 weeks we’ll cover a broad range of topics that will:

Help you feel more confident in understanding the topics and trends shaping the industry’s direction

Broaden your perspective on the different areas of industry and help you to step into the shoes of                  shoppers

Give you practical, relevant tips and tools that will help you grow your impact at work

Inspire your curiosity

The course works flexibly to suit your work schedule. You’ll learn through a mix of different resources hosted on our learning platform, which you can access anytime between the start and end dates. You’ll receive an IGD certificate at the end to recognise your success!

This course is right for you if:

You are starting your career in the food and consumer goods industry, or are looking for a refresher

This course is designed to be a broad introduction so is suitable for those in any function within the                industry

You can commit to around 1 hour of learning per week (total of approx. 8 hours across 8 weeks)

Testimonials from recent participants

88% said it helped develop their skills

91% said it broadened their perspective and challenged their thinking

80% said it helped develop their skills |
95% said it broadened their perspective |
95% felt inspired to do something differently

I feel more confident with my knowledge of the industry and no longer feel like a stranger within the field.

This course has been really motivating and inspiring. It has given me real insight into the inner working of the industry and how I can fit in and make a difference.
Participant, food manufacurer

The activities have allowed me to get into the mind of different consumers and challenged me to think about a wider consumer base.

The details

You will have 8 weeks to work through the modules that make up the course. We update our courses regularly to ensure we have the most relevant and up-to-date topics, so the below is a guide on the key focus areas based on our 2022 course:

Module 1

Develop your industry knowledge

Understand the bigger picture and the forces shaping our industry over the short and longer term

Think like a shopper and learn about the trends on their minds

Get an understanding of different retail channels and how stores are evolving to meet changing customer needs

Explore different areas working inside FMCG

Module 2

Enhance your personal skills for success

Learn how to build authentic confidence

Improve your awareness about the strengths that make up your personal brand

Gain tips on how to bring your best to work

Learn how to create successful relationships at work

Get guidance on how to create an action plan that will help you continue your development

Module 3

Explore wider societal and shopper trends that shape business decision-making over the short and longer-term

Shopper behaviour



Module 4

Discover practical tips that will inspire you maintain a future-thinking mindset and deliver impact for your business and industry

How to build an authentic personal brand

Personal development planning

Virtual event

This is a fun, inclusive and inspiring opportunity to meet people from across the industry!

Connect with fellow participants in small breakout groups

Learn from industry professionals as they share their experiences, insight, and advice on what they’ve learnt in their career journey so far, and answer your questions

Head over here to sign up to the virtual event.

What happens next?

After signing up we will keep you updated with information about how to access the course. You will receive your log in details for our learning platform a week before the course start date.

New Starter Skills course 2023