Sustainable Packaging Systems
Sustainable Packaging Systems

Our industry needs to be increasingly bold and agile. We must provide packaging solutions that protect both the product and the planet. Focus needs to be on reducing environmental impacts of all packaging materials across its value chain.

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Supporting industry ‘to reduce the environmental impacts of packaging systems by 2030’

Learn more about the programme and how you can be part of the change

Halving the environmental impacts of the UK packaging system

This report helps drive the food and consumer goods industry towards the shared ambition of halving the environmental impact of the UK packaging system by 2030.

Best practice guide for packaging lifecycle assessment (LCA)

This report shows how lifecycle assessment (LCA) is a valuable tool enabling organisations to make decisions to help reduce the environmental impact of their packaging.

Moving to a circular economy

IGD are supporting the industry on sustainable packaging systems and how to navigate through a complex and evolving field.

Leading change and driving positive impact

Find out how you can lead on sustainable packaging systems within your business.

Reducing the environmental impacts of packaging using lifecycle assessments

Read this summary report to find out about how lifecycle assessment (LCA) can help organisations to make decisions that will reduce the environmental impact of their packaging.

How to help consumers adopt reusable packaging

Our new consumer research with over 2,000 UK consumers explores key barriers and opportunities to help consumers adopt refill and return packaging.

Circularity design guide for plastic packaging

An introduction to sustainable design principles, including a 5-step design approach you can use within your organisation.

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