Develop a winning evidence-led strategy

Combine the findings of research tailored to your business needs with our experienced facilitators to challenge your current thinking, provide an external perspective, and align your team behind an agreed vision.

We can manage the entire process, allowing your team to focus on idea generation without the pressure of project or process management.

Ways we can help you include:

  1. Category strategy and visions
  2. Drive category and brand growth by creating compelling category visions and strategies that positively influence shopper behaviour.

  3. Channel and customer strategies
  4. Shape your growth strategy, business planning and customer engagement through external insight and challenge from our experts.

  5. E-commerce strategy
  6. Take advantage of the latest developments in technology across retail to create new ways of working. Understand how to thrive in the new retail-retailer ecosystem.

  7. Shopper marketing and activation
  8. Create compelling shopper activation plans that your customers will want to implement using in-depth shopper understanding alongside our processes and frameworks.

  9. Co-created customer plans
  10. Facilitated collaborative sessions with your partner customers to co-create aligned joint business plans you can both implement to drive incremental value.

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Other ways we can help you

Identify growth opportunities

We'll help you find investment opportunities, or the pain points, you must address to maximise your ROI

Develop your team

Through interactive online and face-to-face workshops, we’ll help you develop a high-performing team